• After Service Potluck

    After Service Potluck

    Follow your moral convictions to Church on Sunday morning, but follow your nose and stomach to the potluck happening afterward!

    Join us for a great time of fellowshipping and eating after a Cornerstone morning church service! It will be a family friendly environment. The food will be found at our Connect Building...
  • Men's Breakfast and Bible Study

    Men's Breakfast and Bible Study

    Enjoy a hearty breakfast with other Christian men and add rich discussion taken from the legendary author Ed Cole - hosted by Mr. Ray Aubele!

    Mrs. Susan Way will be cooking a fabulous breakfast for those men who attend with an appetite for great food that is only slightly less powerful than their appetite for great discussion based...
  • Live Long Finish Strong

    Live Long Finish Strong

    What are the privileges and responsibilities that come with aging? Is wisdom guaranteed to come as we age, or must we pursue it?

    Glean sage advice from Miss Ginny Ferguson (age 91) as she shares the privileges and responsibilities that come with age. Let's search out what the Bible says about aging and hear what the...
  • Coffee Snobs

    Coffee Snobs

    You drink...instant coffee?! Oh! I can hardly utter those words! Friends don't let friends drink poor coffee!

    We simply can no longer fraternize, because I am a super-human super-taster with superior taste buds, and my pretentious palate can only associate with other pretentious palates of like...
  • Shammah Prayer

    Shammah Prayer

    College aged men and women meet to experience what Jesus meant when He said, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!" to Father God.

    Shammah Prayer takes place every Saturday evening at 8 p.m. at the Connect Building. Prayer is co-ed. No child care is provided. Experience the greatest fellowship possible on this side of the...
  • Fall Fun For All

    Fall Fun For All

    Come enjoy fall, food, fun, fellowship, and... Figueroa's!

    Bring a side dish or a dessert to share with everyone as the main course is provided. Family friendly fall, food, fun, fellowship at the Figueroa's household located at 35 Heritage Place on...
  • Crafty Elves

    Crafty Elves

    Join Saundra the Elf as she organizes the knitting of scarves, hats and blankets for Sioux City's Club Genesis Kids!

    Knitting warmth for Sioux City's young and needy children on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Saundra Cunningham, 2905 Ridge Avenue, Sioux City. September 18, October 2, October 16,...
  • The Link

    The Link

    Discover Biblical principles that liberate people from addictions/bondages/challenges, (the A,B,C's of life).

    The Link has two programs available: 1) The Link on Saturdays offers an 8-week workshop for people of all ages, presenting truths from the...
  • Shammah


    College and Young Adult

    Shammah is the wake-up call to young adults who have slipped through the cracks. This is where post high school young people can come together to find a restored...
  • Oneighty


    Jr High and High School

    Looking for something to do? Tired of staring at cornfields? Teenagers come to Oneighty from all over Siouxland every Wednesday night from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. (Services run from...
  • Mission 180

    Mission 180

    Student Discipleship

    Most of today’s youth/young adult ministry is…failing.  We put on a rock show, play some games, listen to a motivational speaker, then eat some pizza.  Come back next...
  • Club Genesis

    Club Genesis

    Children Ages 5-12

    Cornerstone's children's ministry is out of this world!  Over 10,000 children have been touched through this dynamic ministry and we're not done yet!  It's a lot of...
  • Aquarium


    Infants through Toddlers

    In our nurseries, children study 12 aspects of who God is - 1 each month. By the time they...
  • PeaceMakers Institute

    PeaceMakers Institute

    Higher education

    People around the country have discovered PeaceMakers Institute to be a great resource for biblical information that pertains to the...