• Ezekiel's Watchmen

    Ezekiel's Watchmen

    Leader: Pastor Eileen Phone: (712) 274-7572 Email: This group will serve as congressional watchers for our nation. Weekly updates will be given by...
  • Man vs. Wild

    Man vs. Wild

    Leaders: Tim Hicks and Art Figueroa Phone: (712)389-8606, (712)223-0219 Email:,   The world around us...
  • Basketball


    Leader: Libby Bruns Phone: (712)577-0888 Email:   Come and enjoy a game of slightly...
  • Cooking Class

    Cooking Class

    Leader: Patrick Souvannavong Phone: (402)508-5143 Email:   Please sign up at the back tables if you would be interested in...
  • Foundation Generation

    Foundation Generation

    Leaders: Pastors Larry and Eilleen Phone: (712)274-7572 Email:   For ages 60+. Our session together this summer will...
  • Scripture & Stretching

    Scripture & Stretching

    Leader: Johnell Peterson Phone: (712)202-5052 Email:   For any female that is able to be still and quiet, and is able to...
  • Scripture and Stretching

    Scripture and Stretching

    Leader: Tori Albright Phone: (704)504-0349 Email:   “Are you Tire, weary, worn out, come to me. Get away with me and...
  • Reel Men

    Reel Men

    Leader: Sean Conrad Phone: (712) 577-0177 Email: Do you stand just as good of a chance of catching a fish in the middle of a cornfield as you...
  • "Ladies, Lets Do Lunch!"

    "Ladies, Lets Do Lunch!"

    Leader: Pastor Donna Phone: (712) 274-7572 Email:   How many times have you said to your friends, “Let’s do...
  • Summer Fun

    Summer Fun

    Leader: Tiffany Mead  Phone: (712) 259-5110 Email:
  • S! Project: Film

    S! Project: Film

    Leader: Patrick Casaday Phone: (712) 253-4375 Email: Shammah ages 18-29. Helping with  the production of 3 Film projects for S!....
  • Slow Pitch Softball

    Slow Pitch Softball

    Leader: Jeana Pick and Tim Hicks Phone: (712)301-3964 Email:   Come and enjoy a game...
  • Church Prayer

    Church Prayer

    Leader: Steve & Leanne Fisher Corporate prayer at CWO. Come pray out the will of God. Anyone welcome. Worship Center. 6 AM. Coed. No...
  • The Link

    The Link

    Discover Biblical principles that liberate people from addictions/bondages/challenges, (the A,B,C's of life).

    Leaders: Dee Coon & Tina Queen Phone: (712)389-7432 & (712)333-7824 Email: TUESDAY A 12 - Step Outreach program for people...
  • Shammah


    College and Young Adult

    Shammah is the wake-up call to young adults who have slipped through the cracks. This is where post high school young people can come together to find a restored...
  • Oneighty


    Jr High and High School

    Looking for something to do? Tired of staring at cornfields? Teenagers come to Oneighty from all over Siouxland every Wednesday night from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. (Services run from...
  • Mission 180

    Mission 180

    Student Discipleship

    Leaders: Libby Bruns, Noah Wieseler, Lauren Hicks Phone: (712)577-0888, (712)253-8932,...
  • Club Genesis

    Club Genesis

    Children Ages 5-12

    Cornerstone's children's ministry is out of this world!  Over 10,000 children have been touched through this dynamic ministry and we're not done yet!  It's a lot of...
  • Aquarium


    Infants through Toddlers

    In our nurseries, children study 12 aspects of who God is - 1 each month. By the time they...
  • PeaceMakers Institute

    PeaceMakers Institute

    Higher education

    People around the country have discovered PeaceMakers Institute to be a great resource for biblical information that pertains to the...